The Key To My Success: My Big Brother!

 It’s not always easy being me. I don’t come from a very rich family and it isn’t that my family lacks money either. We always had enough to make ends meet, and a little extra sometimes. My brother and I went to a good school. Our grades were never exceptional and average was a much better word to describe them. As a kid, many of the adults would ask me what I wanted to become after I grew up. The answers I gave ranged from a pilot and an astronaut to a fire fighter and a detective. I never really gave it a serious thought until a year ago.

I still remember my father sitting me down one day. I must have been about 14 years old then. He said that I could be whatever I wanted to be. My scores and my grades did not determine how successful I would be in the future. He said that there many intelligent people in the world but sadly most of them did not use their intelligence to the fullest and yet there were those who had an average intelligence quotient but became some of the most successful people in the world . My father said that he had a philosophy and his was philosophy was that people who really worked hard at making their dreams come true were the most successful people in the world. But at that age I couldn’t wrap my mind around this concept. Today however, I realize the wisdom in his words. True success is being able to pursue your dreams. Money will find it’s way into your pocket eventually.

By the time I had finished my education I had lost my parents in a car crash and my brother had become the sole earning member of my family. He worked as a paltry waiter for a few months till the insurance money came in. Using the insurance money, my brother set up a bail bond company in El Paso in Texas. It took him a while to get the company up on it’s legs but once he did that it started thriving. My brother started earning well. My brother named his new business Bail Bonds Bros, he laughingly said it reminded him of how he was always bailing me out of trouble as kids. I finished my education and found myself in a country which was going into a recession. Jobs were few and far apart. I joined my brother’s company and started working there. It wasn’t the job I wanted but I had no choice. In fact I really did not know what kind of a job I wanted. 

After six months into the company I decided that it was time to think about what I really wanted to do in my life. I knew one thing for sure… I did not want to live in my brother’s shadow. I wanted to be successful and I wanted to do it on my terms. Many people called it stupidity but I was adamant. Luckily for me my brother was extremely supportive. He told me to take my time and decide on the path that I wanted to take. It took me another three months before I stumbled across an idea that I wanted to follow through with. 
One day I when was walking through the streets near our house I saw a number of well dressed kids getting into limousines. Everyone was going to the prom. That’s when it struck me. I wanted to set up a company that rented Limousines. The more I pondered over it the more I realized that was the plan was brilliant. I hurried home to tell my brother. It took me a while to talk coherently and explain my plan. Till date I am eternally grateful for all his advice. My brother stayed up the whole night discussing the idea. At the end of it he gave a really great suggestion. He suggested adding buses to the list of rentals and not confining it to just Limousines. 
With the plan in place I started searching for investors. That was when I learnt that nobody is ever willing to take a risk with a budding entrepreneur. After weeks of searching I found myself getting more and more depressed. That is when my brother came through for me again. He provided the initial funding. I did not know the full extent of my brother’s generosity till a few months after I started the company. My brother had invested his life savings into getting me on to my feet.

Today I am a successful entrepreneur. I have a thriving limo and bus rental company. I have even managed to repay my brother back both in cash and in kind. As I think back at what my father had said, I think I would make a small change in his philosophy. Success comes when you pursue your dreams and when you work hard at it. Success becomes easier when you have someone who believes in you and helps you reach it. I’m lucky I had my brother when life got tough. For that I will always remain eternally grateful.


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